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frequently asked questions

Q: Do you bring a massage table?

A: No we don’t. The therapist travels on a motorbikes and the table is too big for her to drive safely. Currently we are using clients’ beds or mattresses.

Q: I’m a foreigner struggling to find a qualified massage place. Are your massage legit?

A: We are a professional business offering healthy massages without complications and confusions. If you’re looking for a trustable place then you are in good hands. Our therapists are trained with anatomy and therapeutic methods to deliver a health beneficial service.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the massage?

A: The therapist brings all necessities including sheets, towels, oils and you can decide to use these or prepare your own. Before the massage it’s best to have a shower and prepare a private quiet room for the best experience.

Q: Do you send the same therapist every time I book?

A: We try to, and by default we send the same one, so that the therapist knows all your issues and preferences. However if you’d like to change to another therapist please send us a message.

Q: Do your therapists speaks English?

A: Yes. If you need intensive discussion about your issue kindly let us know in advance so we send the most fluent one.

Q: Can I and my partner have 2 massages as the same time?

A: Yes however to reserve 2 therapists at the same time, we need 24 hour notice. And please make sure your bed is 180cm wide minimum.

Q: The time I’m available is not shown on your calendar. How can I book the exact timing I want?

A: You can send us a message to check if it’s possible to arrange it, however it’s dependent on our availability and your location as well.

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